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The toll free telephone number for Paychex Payroll Outsourcing Company is 888-252-5940. Contact the toll free telephone number to take advantage of new subscriber specials for company payroll outsourcing. Paychex has unique features that include one month of payroll processing absolutely free. Company owners interested in payroll outsourcing are able to utilize multiple payroll submission methods such as phone, fax and online. Not only are payroll outsourcing services available by Paychex, but also 401k and retirement services. Choose the level of company payroll outsourcing you are comfortable with using Paychex. Unique payroll outsourcing options with Paychex also delve into other company areas such as HR outsourcing solutions. Minimize your company overhead by outsourcing specific departments that maximize time and labor, simply by taking advantage of Paychex payroll outsourcing solutions. Health insurance is a major part of payroll processing and Paychex understands that, which is why health insurance management is inclusive with Paychex full service payroll. Eliminate the possibility of errors in your employee payroll by outsourcing the process for an entire month free. There’s no obligation to begin company payroll outsourcing with Paychex today. Call the toll free telephone number above to speak to a company payroll outsourcing specialist.

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